Bonus Track

The story

The External Twin is a 27 year old loner, a virginal outcast unaware of his only companion – his brother. The Internal Twin, the unknown brother, has no access to the outside world, no input except that which comes to him through his brother’s senses.The story begins one desperate night, as the Internal Twin hurls his will into making himself known, into forcing his brother into action. Confused and disturbed by the awakening of this presence within him, the External Twin flees into the darkness, bound for a battle of wills that can end only in destruction.

The telling

Through spoken word we gain access to the thoughts of the Internal Twin in his state of solitary confinement. Through text we are privy to the half-crazed journal entries of the External Twin. And finally, through music, the abstract horror and precious rare moments of beauty are conveyed.

The collaboration

Ben Winch is the author of two novels, Liadhen and My Boyfriend’s Father, both of which were released in the mid-90s and well received critically. In the early 90s, he fronted the band Movement, stalwarts of the Adelaide indie scene. Since then he has moved into the production and creation of experimental lo-fi, releasing through his label Cottage Industry Recordings, and continues to work on the novel Vanishing Points.