Parkour resources

In researching Run I came across a ton of useful online resources. Here’s a few of them:

Parkour Organisations

Australia:   Australian Parkour Association
FranceL’Art Du Déplacement Academy
UK:   Parkour Generations
USA:   American Parkour

(Not seeing your country here? Parkulture has the most comprehensive listing I’ve found)

The best thing about these organisations is that they all run classes, from absolute beginner to seasoned traceur, so you can stop reading and start jumping! (I took classes for a little while at Parkour NSW, who are a fine bunch of people).

General Information


Eye Candy

If it’s stunning parkour photography you want, you can’t possibly go past Andy Day’s website. He’s been associated with the scene since 2003, and it shows.

And Finally

You should probably watch this.