CBCA Notable Book


More good Run news. More good news for Run. It’s a thrilling time.

It’s also (all so) strange. It’s a strange process. You have an idea. You jot it down, but it won’t let you go. It gnaws at your subconscious, and then it comes out into your daylight mind, again and again until you pay it more attention. You write some more, you think some more, you start to get excited. You hold your breath in case this ball of mist dissipates and leaves you with nothing but an image.

But it doesn’t. Weeks and words and work goes by, and it’s serious, this one, and you dive in rejoicing; you dive in in terror; you dive in because it’s what you have to do. And you make something. For months, for years, you make something. And then it’s time for other makers, other opinions, other minds. If you’re lucky (I’m lucky), you have talented people, people you can trust, people who believe.

And then it’s done. And then it’s out there, it’s on display, it’s no longer yours. I like this moment. It’s like saying goodbye.

But having waved your teenager off at the docks, you get letters home now and then. Notes from friends, notes from strangers, news, reviews, the occasional star. And then a Notable Listing, in a list full of notables, from a noble and notable organisation. It’s strange. It’s delightful. I don’t know what to do with it really, so I will simply say this: thank you.

The full list of notable books is here. Congratulations to you all – the news coming home is good news.