Dee lives for parkour, and the alternate worlds he invents to escape his mundane life. He knows the city better than anyone – the hidden spaces at night, the views that no one else sees, from heights no one else can scale. With parkour, he’s not running away. He’s free. But just because you’re paranoid […]

Nine Hours North

Things stopped making sense from the moment Adam arrived in Japan – the conservative job, the shoebox apartment and the growing weight of his relationship with Sarah. By the time Marianne arrives, he’s been battery-caged for so long it all seems normal – but then she changes everything… “…fluid and perceptive free verse with a […]

Vapour Trails

Cottage Industry Press has released an ebook of my first poetry collection. Ten years after that first little paperback came out into the world, much has changed – the publishing world almost unbelievably so, which is why this new edition is on screen instead of paper – but I stand by these poems. They acted as […]

Things a Map Won’t Show You

  A collection of short fiction, poetry and comic art from Australia and beyond… Includes Tim’s short-story-in-verse “Ice-Cream Headache”, and also stories from James Roy, Tanveer Ahmed, Michael Pryor, Ursula Dubosarsky, Sonya Hartnett, Doug MacLeod, Oliver Phommavanh, Brenton McKenna, Tara June Winch, Sudha Murty and Oodgeroo among others. Things a Map Won’t Show You 2012 Edited […]