Vapour Trails

Cottage Industry Press has released an ebook of my first poetry collection. Ten years after that first little paperback came out into the world, much has changed – the publishing world almost unbelievably so, which is why this new edition is on screen instead of paper – but I stand by these poems. They acted as guides, a lot of them, to help me find my voice, and to help me find my way. Friends, almost. Small beacons of belief in a fog of uncertainty.

I hope you find something in them too.

“An exciting and delicate book, subtle and tense… from clipped staccato abbreviations of social moments to more ruminative poems, the cycle induces and seduces the reader in its very particular own world. Once read, never forgotten.” ~ Thomas Shapcott

Vapour Trails, 2nd Edition
2014 Cottage Industry Press
ISBN 9780975207741

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