About Tim

Tim Sinclair is an Australian writer who grew up in the Adelaide Hills and currently lives in Sydney. Starting in on poetry publication in journals and magazines in the late 90s, his first major release was a spoken word/music album in 2003. He has since published a paperback poetry collection, an ebook themed around the oddness of the dictionary, and two young adult verse novels.

He has worked teaching ESL in Japan, constructing props for The Adelaide Festival, and for not-for-profit literary organisations SA Writers’ Centre (Adelaide), Poets House (New York) and at The Australian Society of Authors (Sydney). He has recently completed a PhD through the University of Adelaide, exploring young adult post-apocalyptic fiction.

Tim writes:

“I’m writing this because I’m not writing the Other Things I write: poetry, novels, scrawly shopping lists I have to stare at sideways in the supermarket, etc. My latest book Run is a novel written in poetry, including some concrete poetry (but no shopping lists).

I grew up in a very wordy house, and I pretty much always knew that writing was something I wanted to do. Before I started writing poetry I was co-writing songs, in my band Jemimah and Friends. I played the drums. We had our moments. Mostly, though, we sat around waiting for something to happen. Spoiler – it didn’t.

We sounded a bit like this:

(NB – recorded approximately half my lifetime ago, on a crappy cassette recorder stuck on the floor of the jam room. Be kind…)

I grew up in the Adelaide Hills, which was like the country when I was a kid, but seems to be a little more like the outer suburbs every time I go back. Can’t help but feel sad about that.

I’ve also been incredibly lucky in my life in that I’ve been able to live in several different countries. If I was King of Everything, I’d make sure that everyone got the chance to live outside of the country they grew up in. Being forced to be outside your little box is such an unrivalled, difficult, challenging, spectacular thing.”



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